About us

Our company was first established in 1978 specializing in the blown film extrusion of polyethylene film. Our business path has been strongly influenced by the specific decision we have made: contribute to protecting the environment. We strongly believe that each one of us - whether a private citizen, public institution or company - can actively contribute through small daily gestures or strategic choices to preserve the ecosystem we will leave behind for our children and future generations.

In the beginning, the production was entirely dedicated to manufacturing carrier bags, and then garbage bags were added. During the following years, the company enlarged its product range to also include domestic and commercial items such as cling-film, greasefood paper, fruit and vegetable bags, freezer bags and bags for transporting frozen food.

The most recent development concerns reusable bags, which in a short time have become one of Plastica Marconi’s most important products and are perfectly in line with our philosophy: quality products meeting the consumer’s needs, but also capable of promoting virtuous conduct that respects the environment.

Plastica Marconi today
The company is currently one of the leading suppliers in Italy of the large-scale retail distribution network. For over 35 years, Plastica Marconi’s primary thought has been the end user: all products today are still designed, created and constantly improved based on consumers’ needs and preferences. The company continues characterising development by focusing as much on economic requirements as on social and environmental needs. Our plans are oriented towards the constant search for increased efficiency and effectiveness, which means obtaining the best product available on the market while consuming the least amount of resources possible.

The future is now: Plastica Marconi has always been committed to developing new products to facilitate the daily life of the consumer, and to implementing production processes which incentivise virtuous conduct throughout the entire production process.
Every challenge involves sacrifice, commitment and constant updating because the world today is evolving quickly, however the experience we have gained over the years and our specific expertise and strong desire to improve on a daily basis represent the company’s decisive energy, conviction, awareness and positiveness to overcome any obstacles and look confidently towards new horizons.