Products: Reusable shopping bags, Biodegradable and compostable carrier bags, Garbage bags, Plastic bags for fruit and vegetables, Disposal plastic gloves and Paper bags.

Weekly Plastica Marconi keeps on studying new type of products, which meet all the market’s needs. The main company products are: reusable shopping bags, biodegradable and compostable carrier bags, garbage bags, plastic bags for fruit and vegetables, disposal plastic gloves and paper bags.

Plastica Marconi pays attention to the top quality achievements, so every manufacturing is carefully tested to verify contractual and regulatory compliance. Therefore, these tests ensure both a high beauty aesthetic level, mainly for printing quality, and a great technical performance standard to achieve customer’s fulfillment. In addition, our company combines a customized technical sheet, which provides the main item features and is continuously updated, with every kind of product.

Plastica Marconi quality manager checks out weight, length, and width, thickness, loading capacity and printing of every product with the helping of a modern interior laboratory, which includes several specific testing instruments.


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Products: reusable shopping bag, shopping bags, fruit and vegetable bags biodegradable compostable, disposable gloves, garbage bags, paper bags, paper bags

Plastic Marconi studies day by day new products that comply to the demands and needs of its customers. The products that the company currently offers its customers are: reusable shopping bag, compostable, biodegradable bin bags, shopper bags for fruit and vegetables, disposable gloves, paper bags and paper bags. Each one comes with a custom spec sheet that summarizes the main features.

One of the strengths of the company is the constant search for the highest quality, in fact every production batch is thoroughly tested to ensure compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements. Verifications concern both the aesthetic, as the quality of your prints especially for the reusable shopping bag, paper bags and compostable biodegradable shopping bags, paper bags, as technical characteristics – performance guarantee consumers the best product performance.

Most controls is performed directly within the company thanks to the in-house laboratory, equipped with dynamometer, used to test the mechanical resistance to traction of bin bags and compostable and biodegradable shopper feeler gauge, used to ensure the minimum thickness of the reusable shopping bag as required by ISO 5084. Also in the laboratory checks the main physical and mechanical features (based on UNI 7315) of rubbish bags, such as loading and resistance to free fall.

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