Biodegradable and compostable carrier bags are made in compliance with the “UNI EN ISO 13432” directive concerning the features of biodegradable and compostable products. Once they have performed their main transporting task of the good purchased, the consumer can use them to collect organic household waste.

The main sizes are: small shape, especially requested by pharmacy and tiny grocery stores; medium shape, mostly common; and large shape, highly appreciated by large-scale retail distribution network. In addition, printing is available until six colors in each sides of the biodegradable and compostable carrier bag. Due to customer’s needs and product’s targets, Plastica Marconi can carry out handles to close the bags in many ways.

  • shopping bag
  • sacchi nettezza
  • prodotti servizio
  • prodotti casa

The compostable biodegradable shopping bags are manufactured according to the requirements dictated by the technical standard UNI EN ISO 13432: once you have fulfilled the main task of transporting goods purchased can be used by the consumer for organic household waste. Can be created in multiple dimensions: size small, requested pharmacies and small stores, medium format and large format general purpose primarily intended for mass distribution (GD).

There is the possibility to make custom printing on both sides of the product up to a maximum of six colors. Die cutting of compostable biodegradable shopping bags can be made with bean or handle handle undershirt (bags a brace of flexible thermoplastic biodegradable and compostable films – sentence by Uniplast regulations) depending on customer requirements and the purpose of the product.

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