Garbage bags are among the main products of our company and they can change due to either shape, material or size. The most conventional spread measures go from 35 x 45 cm to 90 x 120 cm to achieve every consumer needs and requirements. Plastica Marconi has been trying to cover every types of application’s field for the garbage bags for over 30 years: selective waste collection, household compostable waste and high thickness for grass and industrial waste. Garbage bags could differ each other from the closing: colorful drawstrings and thin tie strings.

The plastic material that is used to manufacture these products are HDPE (high density), extremely tough with little plastic’s usage; MDPE (medium density); LDPE (low density) and recycled plastic material with high thickness.

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Garbage bags (bags for garbage collection – sentence by Uniplast legislation) are made in many sizes and patterns. The company offers bags ranging from 35 x 45 cm measures up to 90 x 120 cm sizes with different types of fastening, the most common are the handle (integrated in the bag) and the strap. They meet every kind of need, in fact, plastic waste bags, eat Marconi recycling (colorful), for horticulture and rubble, responding to both domestic and industrial needs.

The bin bags are made with different mixtures of plastics, to ensure optimum performance with the lowest possible use of plastic for every single lot: HDPE (high density polyethylene) lighter, LDPE (low density polyethylene), MDPE (medium density polyethylene) and reclaimed material (second life), very heavy.

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