Plastica Marconi has been widening its own products range with introducing paper bags since 2013. That is the reason the company wants to be known as both products supplier and services supplier. Customers can choose various shapes and sizes of this item. The paper bags types are as following: larger ones with easy or twisted handles, smaller ones with no handles. Both of them are printed with evolved techniques and different colors. Our company offers an option to create an extraordinarily resistant material against liquids and fat foods: paper combined with either polyethylene or PET.

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Paper bags

Plastic Marconi also has an extensive line of paper products in order to offer a complete service to its customers, according to market developments. This category includes customizable paper bags with handle or twisted cord. Paper bags can be made from white or Brown, printed with the most modern techniques and get asked for any kind of aesthetic needs and meet market needs because of a qualitative nature.

Paper bags

Are part of the line of stationery even paper bags that can be customized with any logo and color with the most modern manufacturing techniques. There are many sizes of paper bags are made in white paper that Havana, as paper bags. Paper bags also can be paired with materials such as polyethylene or PET in order to create a barrier effect against fatty foods and liquids.

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