Reusable shopping bags are a valid option to the biodegradable and compostable carrier bags. They are manufactured with a high thickness, as required by the law and because of their resistance can be used many more times by the consumer as well. Plastica Marconi has been offering reusable shopping bags in different sizes, with various images and pictures for over 15 years.

This item is an extraordinary and affordable communication tool: an advertising vehicle capable of spreading brand awareness and a specific message among a large audience. Reusable shopping bags are practical and useful for every kind of business field thanks to their beauty and quality.


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The reusable shopping bags are a great alternative to more common multiwall bags compostable. Are made of thick plastic material, as required by law, and can be used multiple times by the consumer because of their resistance.

The reusable shopping bags are manufactured in different sizes and with different customizable graphics can be combined in a variety of colors and shapes. This category of products are an excellent and inexpensive means of communication: an advertising medium that allows you to divulge your brand and your message to a wide audience of users.

The materials used for the reusable shopping bag are: PP woven (polypropylene woven) and TNT (non-woven). Are intended for all types of industry and market as aesthetic needs and satisfy the need of a qualitative nature. Included in this category of products, including frozen food bags for transporting

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